Making More Money in Your Man With a Van Business By Doing Easier Jobs

Craig BruunBy Craig Bruun

Hi, my name is Craig. 

Knowing how hard it can be to find good paying man and van jobs has prompted me to share tactics that helped me. Follow my advice and your business should start making more money and be much easier to run.

Who Am I and How Does My Site Work?

It's not by chance that I became the owner of the biggest man and van company in Kent for five years before retirement.

Each bullet point below provides a brief explanation of a strategy that contributed to my success. Clicking on the links will take you to a page dedicated to that strategy. It's best to work through the bullet points in the order in which they've been set out. Good Luck!

  1. Identify Your Audience - When I started my man and van business I wasted far too much time competing with low earners. The fact that price is NOT always the most important factor eluded me for a long time. It's for this reason that I think it's best to identify a more discerning audience, and then offer them what they want. Get this right and you'll be able to increase your prices and still offer your clients value for money. Quote what you believe you're worth, not what others were quoting! People are willing to pay higher prices for peace of mind and a professional service. I've tried and tested this in my own man and van business and often quoted, and got jobs at three times the price of the other guys. 
  2. Your Website - Creating your website is easy. For my tactics to work, I would recommend that you build yours yourself. That's because you'll need to have control of every aspect of your site. In this page, I talk about why my site worked so well and why the conversion rate was so high.
  3. I Changed the Way I Quoted -  I ONLY quoted by email using my online form. In fact, the first time I ever spoke to my client was when I pitched up to do the job! You are welcome to use my template which I will put up on the relevant page soon.
  4. Make Your Insurance Work For You - Making sure that I was fully and correctly insured, and then prominently displaying the fact on my site won me lots of business. Your insurance can make you money! 
  5. Ask For Reviews - A MUST DO!
  6. Network - I got to know my opposition well. I befriended the good ones and passed on work that I couldn't do. They began doing the same for me.
  7. Specialize - My man and van business transformed to became a convenient alternative to speciality same day courier services. I started getting repeat business from clients who regularly used my services to move fragile freight...including art dealers! 

Advice for Wannabe Man with Van Start-Ups!

For those of you who want my honest advice on starting up, including the good and the bad aspects of the job, head on over to UKbusinessforums where you'll find an article I wrote on How to Start a Man and Van Business. The thread also has public submitted questions which are answered by me and others in the business. Please return here to read my detailed business plan and tactics if you're still interested. 

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