Marketing Strategies for Man with Van Businesses

Craig BruunBy Craig Bruun

Knowing how hard it can be to find good paying jobs after starting your man and van business has prompted me to share strategies that helped me. 

My findings suggest that price can be one of the least important factor when people search for a man with a van. I discuss the many opportunities for savvy van owners to thrive without having to compete with low earning competitors. I believe that there are more effective and efficient strategies to grow and expand your man with a van business than by competing on price alone, and this is what my site is about.

I've bundled up everything I learned on the job, and now I write about it.

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The bullet points below outline the strategies that contributed to my success. Clicking on the highlighted links will lead you to a page that will explain how I implemented that strategy and the results I got. It's best to work through them in the order in which they've been set out.

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#1. Higher Paying Jobs - The fact that price is NOT always the most important factor eluded me for a long time. It's for this reason that I think it's best to identify a more discerning audience.  See my tips on finding high earning jobs and you'll be able to increase your prices but still offer your clients value for money. These jobs tend to be much easier to do too!

#2. Your Website - Build your site with your intended audience in mind. Here I talk about how I built my man and van website and why it worked so well, and why the conversion rate was so high.

#3. The Way You Quote - I devised a way to discourage telephone quotes and it worked!I discuss this and include a quote template for you to use on my Quote to Get the Job page.

#4. Use Your Insurance to Win Business -  Read how I used my Goods in Transit Insurance to do just that.

#5. You Reviews - Many people search for long tail keywords that include the words review, feedback, and recommended. See how I used this to my benefit using my own reviews.

#6. Networking - I got to know my opposition well. I befriended the good ones and passed on work that I couldn't do. You will soon reap the rewards when they reciprocate. 

Advice for Wannabe Man with Van Start-Ups!

Want my honest advice on starting up your own man with a van business? Go to UKbusinessforums where you'll find an article I wrote on How to Start a Man and Van Business. Please return here to read my detailed business plan and tactics if you're still interested.

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