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Give away some FREE advice based on your site concept that will help your readers. I built a page that demonstrates load sizes in different size vans to help my viewers decide on the correct man and van company to choose with the size van to suite their move.


IMPORTANT! The longer someone is on your website, the higher the search engines will rank it's relevancy to the original search term that your visitor used...

So include as much information that will help your visitors. It also shows that you are an expert in your field...encouraging the click! DON'T COPY MINE!!!



Craig's FREE Man and Van Ride Along Service 


I also offer all my eBay clients the opportunity to ride along to help load and also to pay for their large purchases in cash. (Please check my diary before booking).

In 2008 I started my man and van company called Since then I have completed well over two thousand local deliveries, mostly fragile freight, and many eBay deliveries as well.  


Craig's Man and Van company in Kent soon became Kent's top ranked man and van business with many recommendations which can be read on my review page.


I can help with small removals as well as single fragile items to or from any of these Kent towns.


  • Maidstone

  • Sevenoaks

  • Tunbridge Wells

  • Rochester

  • Bromley

  • Tonbridge

  • Chatham

  • Canterbury

Break Up Content For Easy Reading

Cheap Man and Van Small Removals Quotes in Kent


Have a look at my diary page to see if I am in your area on the day you need me. You can save as much as 50% on backloads when you make use of my service to or from any of the Kent towns that I operate in.

No Obligation Man and Van Quotes for ALL Fragile Item Transportation in Kent


I have the correct equipment for all types of removals and deliveries. I have piano dollies, slings, ramps and I carry a copy of my Goods-In-Transit Policy. Please read my reviews.

man-with-van-quotes is a very reliable Man and Van service in Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Medway, Bromley, Canterbury, Rochester, Chatham and Sittingbourne in Kent. 

photo (9) removals van sizes

I'm much cheaper than the large home removal companies, and far more convenient than van rental...AND I'm am fully insured!  


I offer a full piano movers service with 1 to 3 men, or you can hire me alone as a "van with a driver service". We have also undertaken many Fragile, Same day ebay deliveries and have the correct equipment for heavy lifting.


You can rest assured that  I've built a solid reputation as a reliable, trustworthy man with a van in all surrounding areas of Kent, mainly operating in the triangle between the towns of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Maidstone.


Your enquiries through my online quote form will be replied to within an hour, unless I'm driving or loading at the time of your call or email. In which case I will get back to you as soon as I can. EVERY enquiry is important to me, although I do prefer to quote via my online man and van form so that both you and I have a record of my quotation in case you decide to use me.

kent-map Man and Van
  • Simple, clean uncluttered design and use a colour wheel so that your colours don't clash!

  • Use the same colour throughout, just change the shades!

  • Take Card Payments. ANY Small Business can do this with the new Paypal mobile card readers. It's a sign of a legitimate business and is convenient for your clients.

  • Show YOUR van...NOT some random stock image that you lifted off the internet!

  • Display YOUR landline telephone number with the area code for your town so that clients can see you are local! Do NOT use 0800 numbers!

colour wheel

NO Clashing Colours!

Your Site Header

Incuding your name, and the area you work in.


It proves you're small, approachable and local! People looking for man + van prefer to use small local companies.

Hi. Craig's Man and Van in Kent website is now ONLY kept live as a visual aid to accompany the site building tips in my 33 Page Guide "How to Start a Man and Van Business"

People buy from people...Not companies! Show your face...This is my horrible mugshot here.

Include a video of your business in action. This way people can see your equipment, location, how you work, samples of your work. AND you can ask them for the order!

I shot this with my mobile phone and edited it with the free software that comes with any computer.


If you are unable to do this yourself, ask me for help or try sites like You can hire freelancers to make a video very cheaply. If you struggle with content writing or SEO, use freelancers to help you.

Include your Face Picture?

Why I Shot a Man and Van Video for My Site?

Because Youtube displays this as a results in Google searches !

Your H1 Title

MUST include your site concept keyword ONCE ONLY!

Keyword Density Warning

Do NOT stuff your site with keywords.. Google will penalize you and your ranking will slip.


Visitor experience is more important.


Talk about how you provide a solution to a problem.


I included words that would convert to higher earning man and van jobs so that I would be found for searches such as "Fragile Delivery", "Same Day", eBay delivery service etc...and then the town names that I work in.

Try specialise in something. I bought a secondhand piano on eBay to practice piano moving. Within a year I owned Kent's largest piano moving company!

Built credibility by including the fact that you have insurance, have pictures of your van and any speciality work you do.


Also, do NOT advertise your prices on your website because there is little insentive for your viewers to place an enquiry if you do.

If you advertise cheap prices then that's all YOU think you're worth! What then makes you different to the others out there doing what you do?


I won business quoting much higher prices because I did the following:


  • Speed of reply to their enquiry,

  • Supplying written fixed price quotes.

  • Confirming my availibilty to do the job at a specific time with a booking confirmation. 

  • When quoting I also reminded them that I was insured.


Having Man and Van Goods in Transit insurance earned me money rather than cost me money because many more people chose to use me because of it.  

What Makes You Worth More Than the Compitition?...

And Why I NEVER Advertised Prices!

When you build your site, write small snippets of easy to read information. It's far easier to absorb as most people just scan web pages.

You'll see on this man and van site that I've made one or 2 words RED so that it catches the eye.

Craig's Man and Van in Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge

Give away FREE info so people stay on your site

Your Call To Action Buttons must be large.


Ask for an action.  Get Quote...See My Reviews...See My Diary etc.


USE words like "Me" "My" "Get"


Don't just say "Quote" or Reviews on your nav buttons

Use Bullet Points to highlight keywords. Areas that I worked my man with van removals business in are a great way to show

A. You're local, and

B Draw the eye to words that people would have used to search for my business on Google

Use Bullet Points


If you arrived here after searching for a man and van business in Kent, then please visit my brand new advice site that I set up after retirement.


The Banner is below!


It shows you how to hire a local man and van company that will do the job well, on time and at a good price.


Thanks - Craig

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